Eric down at RBros is one of the most straightest shooters I’ve ever come across. He’s quick to get the job done and doesn’t beat around the bush which I appreciate very much as a new home buyer. They’ve done nothing but good and helped me and my wife get the property and house we’ve always wanted! Thank you Eric and thank you RBros!

Brendan Hall

I was seriously lost before I started working with RBro’s. Seriously… a single mother of 2 kids, working 2 jobs trying to get out of the renting world. I started off looking at homes on the market. Lower value homes needing a LOT of work. But they were in my budget! Then I started venturing over to a few mobile home dealers in the area hoping I could get some incite from a salesman without them pulling the “buy now! It’s a hot market!” Pressured conversation… fail. My journey to home ownership was starting to give off a very depressing vibe. Until I found RBro’s. No pressure at all. Very insightful and knowledgeable. I started using credit karma to monitor my credit (it’s not a scam like I thought lol) and by paying attention to how I was spending my money, my credit jumped over 50 points. I now have a piece of property under contract and am currently weighing preapproval options for a manufactured home! Couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledge I’ve learned.

Thank y’all so much! From the bottom of my heart

Melanie Wilkerson