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Before you start creating your dream home site, you’ll need to clear and develop your land to make sure it’s ready for construction. Instead of exhausting your budget on land development services, why not purchase a fully developed homesite from RBros, LP?

Our land development company sells construction-ready lots in Edna, TX and the surrounding Texas areas. We offer features such as a water well, driveway, pond and net-wire fencing to make your land feel more like home.

Land and Home Packages Available

Find a Fully Developed Homesite in Texas. Our Lots are prepared and ready for construction.


Land development can be expensive and time consuming – but luckily, you can skip the development process by purchasing a fully developed homesite from RBros, LP. We’ll make sure your lot is cleared and ready for construction so you can start building your dream home right away.

RBros, LP sells move-in ready homesites in Edna, TX and the surrounding area. We also offer free credit counseling services so you can get the best possible rate on your land and home loan.

Financial Planning

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In addition to land development services, we offer financial planning consultations to make land buying more affordable for you. Our knowledgeable pros will work with you to raise your credit score helping move you into position to buy the
land and home of your dreams!

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